My 2012 blog

December 31, 2012 - Monday, last day of the year.  This has been great.  Mom and Dad have both been home for four days again.  And dad said tomorrow he's going to take me to meet his aunt and uncle.

December 25, 2012 - Christmas day was just a real quiet day around the house.  But Eddie and Kylie and I each got a new toy for Christmas.  Then I got locked up in the doggie area cause Mom and Dad went out for dinner.

December 24, 2012 - Monday, and Christmas Eve.  I like this day cause Dad's two daughters come over with their families and I get to play with the grand kids.  I also get some realy tasty leftovers from the Christmas dinner.  This year it was Honeybaked Ham.

December 23, 2012 - Sunday, and Mom and Dad put up the Christmas tree with lots of ornaments.  Kylie broke one just by wagging her tail against the tree.  I tried to eat the broken ornament.  Dad said, "that's great, these ornaments have lasted for many years untilwe got the "paleface" dog (Kylie).

December 22, 2012 - Saturday.  I just found out that both Mom and Dad are goin to be home for the next four days.  That's great; I have lots of company.

December 16, 2012 - Sunday,, and I'm spending the whole weekend at home.  But, Mom and Dad are with me, so it's still fun.

December 10, 2012 - Monday, and a really bad day.  I got kicked out of day school today cause I got in a fight with another dog.  He started it; I finished it.  But, because I won, I got blamed.  Dad told me life isn't always fair.

December 8 - 9, 2012 - Mom has never been away this long before.  She normally feeds us, but Dad's doing OK on his own.  I guess he's not as helpless as Mom makes him out to be.

December 7, 2012 - Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Dad says it's a day  to remember the armed forces.

December 6, 2012 - Today Mom called to tell us about the Christmas party she went to last night.  It was a congressional party put on by some guy named John Boehner.

December 5, 2012 - Today is Mom's birthday, but we didn't really get to celebrate, cause she left at 5:00 this morning to catch a plane to Washington D.C.  Dad told me that's a long ways away.  Mom is going to meet her grandaughter Kelsey and spend a few days, then come home with her.

December 1, 2012 - Saturday again, and Dad is home for two days.  We finally finished all the leftover turkey a few days ago.  But I looked in the freezer, and Mom has some frozen turkey gravy.  I know I'll get some of that later.

November 23 - 25, 2012 - Dad was home for four days in a row.  I like this, cause now I get to play with him, and with Kiley, every day.

November 22, 2012 - I just found out.  Today is that Thanksgiving thing again.  I remember this from last year.  And I got turkey again. Great day.  I'm thankful.

November 18, 2012 - Dad got upset with both Kylie and me this weekend cause we messed up the yard.  It's been hot and dry, and now the rain came a few days ago, so the yard is muddy.  The hill behind the house is kind of steep, and  it's been difficult to get plants to grow on it.  Some of the plants got real dried out form the hot weather, and Dad thought they would perk up with the rain.  Instaed, they look worse.  Dad couldn't figure out why the hill looked so bad, and he didn't walk up there himself to check.  Then he saw Kylie and I playing on the hill.  But we were REALLY playing, and in the process dug up the hill (and some of the plants)and brought mud into the house.  That's why the hill looks bad.  So now Dad's trying to figure out what to do next with the hill.

November 10, 2012 - I got to go for a walk by myself  today with Dad.  Kylie didn't come with us, but Dad took her for a walk after I got back. He said his back is bothering him and he couldn't handle both of us at the same time.  That's OK,  I like it when I get to be alone with Dad.  I don't like it when he takes Kylie alone.  We ran into some friends today that we haven't seen for awhile, and they got to meet Kylie for the first time.  They said we were cute beceause we weren't walking - we were "prancing."  Mom is always saying that I prance around the house.

Dad also took me to the Vet today.  I had to get a booster shot for Kennel Cough.  I'm tough, and the shot didn't hurt me at all.  The Vet also gave me some medication cause I'm allergic to fleas, and this is a bad flea year according to Mom.  My back got all dry and itchy and the medication is supposed to help.

November 4, 2012 - Dad put a harness on me to take me for a walk today.  I don't like it, but he says it makes me behave better so I have to wear it.  We got to see rabbits today.

October 27, 2012 - Dad played with me and Kylie in the back yard today.  I'm not sure he wanted to, but he was cleaning the waterfall and because I was helping him, he stopped to play frisbee with us so I wouldn't bug him any more.  Kylie and I both got tired from chasing the frisbee.

October 20, 2012 - Dad was gone the last couple of days, but got back tonight.  I jumped on him to show him how happy I was to see him.  I heard him coming into the garage so came out to get him just as he was getting out of the car, and I wouldn't let him in the house until he petted me and said hello.

October 14, 2012 - Kylie's still not completely steady on her feet, so we just spent the weekend at home.  Dad took us both for a walk every day this week.  Kylie and I played some, but she doesn't have as much energy as me.

October 8, 2012 - Kylie came home today.  She's OK.

October 7, 2012 - Kylie got real sick yesterday, so Mom took her tot he hospital to find out what was wrong.  It turns out that Kylie was on two prescription medications that caused a problem, then it was made worse by the flea treatment she was getting (I don't get fleas).  She had an allergic reactions and had to spend both Saturday and Sunday night in the hospital.

September 30, 2012 - I took Kylie out in the back yard to play frisbee today, course I had to have Dad along to actually throw the frisbee.  I also took her up onto the second level of the patio so she could get a good view of the valley; we even went up to the third level to see even further away.  You can see the ocean from there.  Then we went inside and played some more.  Dad thought it was funny so took some pictures.  I let Kylie get me down some, then I took her down.






September 29, 2012 - Now this is more like it.  Dad's home, and stayed home all day.  Well, except for when he took me for a ride into Ventura.  He had to re-boot the server, what ever that means.  But, I got a long walk today, and for the first time, Kiley and I went on a walk together.  Dad says we did great.

September 28, 2012 - Friday noght and Dad's home.  He was gone working all week to a place called Hilton Head.  he says it's a long ways away - clear on the other side of the country.  All I know is he got home late tonight and I sure was glad to see him.  I haven't been for a walk all week.  In fact, last Sunday I only got a real short walk and no ride, cause Dad left early Sunday morning.

September 20, 2012 - This Thursday will be a day to remember forever.  I got a new sister today.  Mom volunteers time at the dog rescue place that saved me, and she had a dog there that selected her as her human companion.  So Mom HAD to adopt her.  Now I have a new sister named Kylie.  She's about my same size, and two years old; about six months older than me.  I met her a couple of days ago, but didn't know she was going to become part of our pack.  We ran all over the back yard, and Kylie jumped in the waterfall with me.  We played and had lots of fun together.  Dad didn't even get to meet her until he got home and it was already a done deal.  I thought Dad was the leader of our pack.  Now I wonder about that.

Here's a picture of Kylie, and another of Kylie and me.



September 16, 2012 - It's Sunday, but Dad's working really hard at home.  Something about corporate tax returns due tomorrow, and he's got several to do.  I'm sure glad I don't have to do that.  Dad says I'm just a dependent and don't have any income to declare.  He says I can claim to be a sovereign citizen, meaning I'm not a legal resident of any country, so don't have to pay taxes in any country.  What are taxes?

September 9, 2012 - It's Sunday, and it's just another quiet day at home.  I like it cause Dad's home.  He sometimes uses Sunday as a travel day, and if he leaves early, I don't get my walk OR my ride to get the newspaper.

September 3, 2012 - It's Monday, and both Mom and Dad are home all day.  I asked what's going on, and Dad told me it's Labor Day, a holiday, so the office is closed today (but he still worked at home for awhile).  It's also exactly one and a half years since I was adopted.  Dad says I'm lucky; I couldn't get a better home than this.  Mom told me "You so ugly."  Dad told me not to be upset; that really means she likes me and she's just fooling around.  Anyway, I got another long walk today, and jumped into the waterfall as soon as I got home.  Dad said it's not even 8:00 AM yet, it's not hot enough for you to be jumping in the water.  I didn't care; I was hot, so I cooled off.

September 2, 2012 - It's Sunday, and both Mom and Dad are home all day.  I got my real long walk again today, and got to go to the store with Dad to get the paper and go to Starbucks for Mom's tea.  It's the only day of the week Dad does that.  I really like Sundays cause I get to go for a ride.  It's really hot, so I jumped in the waterfall to cool off.

September 1, 2012 - Mom and Dad both went down to visit with Dad's aunt and uncle today.  Mom says they're not doing too well right now.  Uncle is 87 and Aunt is 86.  Dad's cousin Phil was there with his family and Dad said they had a real great visit.

August 29, 2012 - Dad took me to day care three days this week.  I normally only get to get to go twice, but since both Mom and Dad are busy getting the office moved this week, I got to go for an extra day.  I went Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  On Tuesday I got to see my best friend Lando.

August 25, 2012 - Dad took me to day care twice this week, trying to keep me out of Mom's way.  Dad said he was worried that he might have to start an official "Save Charlie" campaign - that's how mad Mom was.  Mom went down to visit Dad's aunt and uncle today, so it was just me and Dad around the house.  Dad had to work almost the whole day in his home office, but I got to bug him a little, and he played frisbee with me for awhile.  He still takes me for a walk every day, even if he's not feeling good.

August 18, 2012 - Mom bought a new rug to put on the new wood floor in the family room cause the chair would slide around if I jumped on Dad when he's in the chair (and I do that cause I like him).  Anyway, I had a real busy day today, which is funny, cause I really didn't have anything to do.  The busy part was that Mom was laying on the bed reading her Kindle, and went out to the kitchen for a little while, so I decided to see what was so interesting about the Kindle.  Since I don't have hands, I had to pick it up with my mouth, and, like most things I put in my mouth, I chewed on it.  When Mom came back and saw that I had broken the glass on her Kindle, she was really mad.  But, that wasn't the end of it.  I knew she didn't want me around, so I went into the family room to lay down.  And there was a tiny piece of carpet padding sticking out from under the new rug, so I started to chew on it.  Next thing you know, that stupid rug got in the way and I accidentally chewed on it too.  When Mom saw that, she just about lost it.  Dad was working in his home office, but came when he heard the scream and saved me.

August 11, 2012 - Today is Saturday.  It's been a fun week.  I got to go to day care at Send Rover On Over twice this week and play with all my friends.  Dad was home this week so he took me in both days in his car.  Today is the day Mom and Dad are going to the County Fair.  That means I have to stay home with Eddie.  And I didn't even get a tee shirt.

August 4, 2012 - Saturday morning and the real vacation is now starting.  First, Dad took me to Jack in the Box for breakfast, so we could eat together outside at a picnic table.  Other than my own dog food, I got to share Dad's bacon, pancakes, and scrambled eggs, and I found out I like hash brown potatoes.  Then, we drove to Dad's primary destination, the Bristlecone Pine Monument, part of the Great Basin National Park.  It was about a 25 mile drive from Big Pine, but what a ride.  It was a twisty mountain road, and we went from an elevation of 4,000 feet to almost 10,000 feet.  Part of the road was only one lane.  Dad says not too many people go there cause no one has ever heard of Bristlecone Pines.  Dad's been wanting to go there for 20 years.  He says he likes strange places.  And strange dogs.

Here are some great pictures of Bristlecone Pines.  Dad says some of these are as much as 5,000 years old, and a lot of them we're looking at are over 3,000 years old.  We took a "loop trail" that was 1.2 miles long, just a little longer than my normal morning walk.  But, at 9,500 feet above sea level, it wore me out.  I was panting like mad.







And, that wasn't even the end of the day.  Next, Dad drove to Mammoth Lakes and we drove through town up to the lakes.  I got to see my first deer today.  Two of them ran across the road in front of the Jeep.  I didn't know what they were, but I barked at them anyway.  And it worked, they ran away.  Dad took me to Lake Mamie and Lake Mary, and I got to play in Lake Mary.  Then we went to Convict Lake.  I played in the stream that comes out of the lake.  It was real cold.  Dad told me it was snow melt, and that's why it's so cold.  I don't know what snow is.  Dad says there's some still on the mountains, but I didn't know what it was.








August 3, 2012 - Dad took off work for a half day today, Friday, and took me on my first vacation.  We drove in the Jeep to a place called Big Pine, and I got to stay in a motel for the first time.  And I got to eat dinner with Dad in the car.  He said he couldn't take me inside a restaurant, so he did a Mcdonalds drive thru - and I got my own hamburger, plain, no secret sauce.  Because it was a long drive, about 5 hours, we stopped at a rest stop along the way so I could take care of business.  There was a stream there and Dad let me go into the stream.  This is different than the waterfall in my back yard.  Dad didn't have to turn anything on, and the water was already running.

July 28, 2012 - Saturday - Those darn hot air balloons are flying again.  I remember them from last year.  I barked at them until they went away, and it took a long time.  Now that I'm older (I'm a year and a half old now)  I just barked at them for a few minutes, then waited until they went away.  They flew out towards they ocean and I stopped watching them.

July 27, 2012 - It's Friday night, and Mom locked me up so she and Dad could go to some kind of special dinner.  She said I could see it from the house, cause the dinner was outside and it's where they inflate the hot air balloons.


July 22, 2012 - Sunday and it's just a lazy day at home.  UNTIL, Mom started using her water jet that she uses to clean off the patio.  I like the water jet; I like to catch the water.  So, we played for awhile.

July 19, 2012 - We had a possum sneak into my back yard tonight.  Dad got this picture of him.  I saw him and barked at him and scared him and backed him into a corner against the waterfall.  I tried to bite him, but he hissed at me.  And, he's got a bunch of really sharp teeth.  Dad grabbed me and made me go into the house so the possum could get away.  And Dad told me not to play with him anymore.

July 15, 2012 - Sunday - I got to go  for a long walk again today.  But it ended up being a really special day, cause Mom was volunteering time for C.A.R.L. at their 15th annual dog expo at the State Beach in Ventura.  Dad took me down for a couple of hours.  It was fun.  There were more than 50 dog specialty booths set up in tents, and I got to go see all of them.  They had all sorts of doggie products and services.  And there were HUNDREDS of dogs there (more than 200 went on the dog walk alone).  I never knew there were so many dogs.   I also got to see ALL the staff from Send Rover On Over (my day car place) and they all hugged me and petted me.  It was fun to see all of them at once.  And I stopped at another booth where a nice lady offered me a treat, so I "high fived" her.  She was astounded, so I did it again.  Mom taught me that, and that people liked it.  One lady told me I was beautiful, and a bunch of people commented on what a pretty or unique dog I was.  Several people asked Dad what kind of dog I was.  And most of them had never heard of a Catahoula.  But, one  young girl who had her own Catahoula dog came by and talked with Dad for about ten minutes.  She had never found another person with a Catahoula, and really wanted to compare notes.  Dad forgot his camera, so we didn't get a picture.  But Dad assured her that based on his experience with three Catahoulas (me being number three) that we're just what you read about on line; smart, loyal, high energy, protective, herding instinct being the most distinctive traits.

And then I went home and jumped in the waterfall to cool off.

July 8, 2012 - Sunday - I got to go  for a long walk again today.  Dad seems to always do that on Sundays, so I really like Sundays.  It's also the day Mom usually washes clothes, so I like it for that reason too.  I normally will grab some piece of clothing and run around with it until somebody pays attention to me.  I always give it back, but it's fun to get Mom and Dad to come after me to get their clothes back.  Dad also cleaned up and ran the waterfall both yesterday and today.  I helped him clean it - my help consists of getting in his way as he picks the leaves out of the water and puts chlorine in the water to keep it clear and fresh.  I also jumped in the two biggest pools (but since I'm bigger now, those pools really don't seem so big anymore) to cool off.

I usually write my blog on Sundays, and mostly in the morning.  Which is what I wrote above.  But it was Sunday afternoon that was really great, so I had to add this.  Mom made Dad take me to Petco to get dogfood, cause I was out.  Dad decided to get treats too, cause we were running low.  Dad took me into the store,as always, and I was acting up a bit cause they had cats on display today at the front of the store.  I like cats; I want to eat one.  They remind me of rabbits.  Anyway, Dad had just filled a bag of treats and was just starting to wrap the little metal "tie" around the bag to close it, when the lady running the cat display decided to come over and say hello to me.  Dad didn't see her coming, and I jerked around quickly to see her and caused Dad to spill the entire bag of treats on the floor.  Dad asked the checkout guy if they had anything to help him clean up the mess (and Dad was pissed at me, but treally more pissed at the cat lady).  Right then, a pit bull walked in and tried to say hello to me.  More distraction. And then, of course, Petco sent up an employee with a broom to sweep up the treats.  WOW, they didn't know how much I love brooms.  I love to bark at them and growl, and chase them, and just generally make a big fuss.  So Dad decided to take me out and put me in the Jeep cause I wouldn't behave.  So what else?  There were two big boxers next door in the back of a pick up truck.  They barked at me.  I barked at them.  Lucky for them Dad locked me in the Jeep so I couldn't get them.  But that didn't stop me from trying, and barking.  dad went back in the sotre and got me a BIG bag of food and another bag of treats.

July 7, 2012 - Saturday - Dad and I goofed off today.  We played frisbee in the back yard, went for a walk, started the waterfall up and watered and weeded the garden. Dad sat outside in the sun after lunch to finish reading a book he had started reading on the airplane on his way back from Utah yesterday.  Then, in the afternoon and evening, Dad was working at his desk and took his shoes off, and let them sit on the floor under the desk.  It took me awhile to discover them, and Dad knew what I was going to do, steal one of them and run off with it so he would have to chase me.  That's how I get him to play with me sometimes.  So, when I started sniffing around the shoes, Dad put his feet on top of them so I couldn't grab one and run away.  So I started "digging at his feet with my front paws so he would move his feet and I could get a shoe.  Dad would n't let me do it.  But he doesn't know it; I won anyway, cause I got him to play with me.  Someday maybe he'll figure that out.

July 4, 2012 - Wednesday - Today is Independence Day, and Mom has the flag hanging outside the upstairs balcony.  It's a holiday and both Mom and Dad are home in the middle of the week.  I love it.  Dad took me for a long walk this morning, and told me there are going to be fireworks tonight.  I've already been hearing them since last weekend, plus a bunch of gunshots.  We're having bar-b-que today and we're all eating outside.

July 1, 2012 - Sunday -  I got real excited this morning because I saw a hot air balloon.  It was HUGE.  Dad says the Citrus Festival and hot air balloon festival are both coming up the end of this month, so this guy was probably just trying things out and getting ready.  Then it got more exciting when the helicopter was buzzing around the house.  They're really noisy.  And, there was a bunny in the back yard.  But, Dad had me on a leash and wouldn't let me chase the bunny.

June 23, 2012 - Saturday - Mom was gone volunteering time at CARL, so I was home most of the day with Dad and Eddie.  Eddie doesn't play much, and Dad was working.  But after lunch, I went out with Dad and played in the waterfall.  The Dad sat down outside to smoke a cigar and I laid down neside him in the sun.  It was a nice lazy day.

June 17, 2012 - Sunday - It's been a quiet week.  I had fun at Rover day care and just vegged out this weekend with  Dad.  he worked; I vegged.

June 10, 2012 - Sunday - I decided to be good today to make up for being so bad yesterday.  I laid down on Dad's feet outside at the patio table after lunch.

June 9, 2012 - Saturday.  This is a switch.  Dad is home and Mom went on a trip, so I'm home alone with Dad.  Dad had company today; an old friend, Kyle, stopped by.  He used to dog sit for Eddie and Sammie, but he hadn't met me yet.  I was friendly with him, but got bored when he and Dad were talking, so I went out into the back yard.  I decided to dig in the garden that Dad had just watered, so I got real muddy.  I went back in the house to show Dad and jumped on him.  Dad wasn't happy.  He took me outside and sprayed me with the hose to wash the mud off.  I thought it was a game.  Kyle decided to leave about then.

I tried to be nice to Dad after that.  I stayed right beside him while he sat at the patio table after lunch and read his book and smoked a cigar.  Pierre gave Dad a cigar that he just had to try.

June 3, 2012 - Sunday - another great day with Dad playing in the waterfall and playing frisbee.  I always get an extra long walk on Sundays as long as dad feels good.  I got a long walk today.

May 30, 2012 - Wednesday - I went to the Vet's office today with Eddie.  We both needed booster shots for rabies.  Dad says that's real important since I had a staring down contest with a possum the other night.  I was brave, and the shot hardly hurt at all.  The Vet told me I was a good girl and gave me a hug.  I also got weighed; and I lost a pound, I'm down to 49 pounds.  Dad says that's good cause I was getting fat.  Mom says it's cause I switched to adult food from puppy food.  Eddie lost two pounds.  Mom is worried.  The Vet said that's to be expected, since Eddie is 98 years old in doggie years.

May 27, 2012 - I got to go to Send Rover On Over three times this week.  I got to see most of my friends and got to play a lot.

May 19, 2012 - Saturday - another whole week has gone by.  Dad was home all this week, so I got to see him every day, and I got to go for a walk every day.  Dad even took me to day care two days this week.  And, he drove the Mustang, and I got to sit in the front seat, just like a person.  Mom picks me up from day care.  So she gets the report if I've been bad, and then she tattles on me to Dad.  Dad just says I'm cute.

May 13, 2012 - It's Sunday and it's Mother's Day.  Because I was so good this year, as contrasted with last year, Dad said I didn't have to buy a big present for Mom.  Last year I gave her the Kindle.  I still  owe Dad for that; I haven't repaid him, at least not with money.  Dad said more than anything else Mom just wanted recognition and for me to be good - and that's still hard for me to do.  I gave Mom a real nice card and I was good all day - until.  Mom's daughter and her family came over today for Mother's Day dinner.  That means I had four grandkids to play with, and more people to sneak me little pieces of food at the table.  And that's what got me in trouble.  Eddie got too close to me when someone was giving me a treat, so I growled at him to warn him to stay away.  Mom got real upset with me and locked me out in the doggie area away from everybody.  I don't get it.  Growling is what I'm supposed to do to protect myself, since I can't really talk.  Dad said I get so much food anyway that I don't need to be concerned about anyone else coming too close to my food.

May 12, 2012 - Saturday - Dad took me for a long walk this morning.  It felt good cause it's been a few days.  Eddie didn't get to go for a walk this morning cause he was at the groomer getting a bath and pedicure, so I got all Dad's attention.  We played frisbee in the back yard, and I helped him clean up the back yard, and water the vegetable garden, and start the waterfall.

May 11, 2012 - Friday - Dad got home late tonight.  He was working in Mexico for a few days and I was so happy to see him back home.  I think he missed me too. I jumped on him and kissed him, and then grabbed my blanket and pranced around with it.  I don't know why I do that; I just do it.  After he got settled in and started to unpack, I stole one of his shoes and ran out into the back yard with it.  I'm going to make him pay attention to me for being gone.

May 6, 2012 - Sunday - Dad got home tonight, and I jumped on him and licked him to show him how happy I was to see him since he was gone for a couple of days.  I made him take me into the back yard to play frisbee.  I sat on his foot while he ate dinner.  I didn't let him out of my sight.

May 5, 2012 - Saturday again, but Dad's away at a conference, so isn't home to play with me all weekend.

April 28, 2012 - Saturday and Dad took me for a reeeaaal long walk today.  He also let explore the lawn where the bunnies always sit.  There weren't any there today.  Jacob and Hannah came over today and I got to play with them

April 25, 2012 - Mom was mad enough to kill me today cause I messed up her jigsaw puzzle.  She had a large jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table.  I did know that.  I just knew that she was sitting there very quietly concentrating on something on the table.  I just wanted to play, so I jumped up and put my front paws on the table, and, in the process, managed to undo about two hours work of putting the puzzle together.  Mom said enough with being good, now my normal troublesome self is making itself present.  Mom really didn't want to play.

April 22, 2012 - Sunday, and I've been a good dog for the last week.  Mom says she almost doesn't know what to make of me cause I'm staying out of trouble.  Dad took me for two long walks this weekend, and I got to go to Rover three days this week.  Mom thinks I'm just tired cause I play so hard at Rover, especially when my friend Lando is there.  Mom and Dad both popped in on the "Puppy Cam" on Wednesday to watch me play during the day.

April 13, 2012 - Friday the thirteenth.   I understand some humans consider this to be a bad day.  I don't know why.  It sure started out as a good day for me.  Mom opened a can of tuna and gave a little to me and Eddie, and let us have the water from the can.  She put the rest in a plastic container and was going to take it to work for her lunch.  As soon as she left the kitchen, I managed to grab the plastic container off the counter top (Mom left it too close to the edge) and took it out into the back yard and ate it all.  I also chewed up the plastic container just for good measure.  Mom was mad, but she also laughed.  Dad just laughed.

April 9, 2012 - Easter day.  What a great day.  I got to have some small scraps of ham from Easter dinner.  And a whole bunch of grandkids came over for the day so I got to have lots of fun playing with them.   They put up a net and played a game called badminton.  The game has  thing called a bird that they hit back and forth in the air.  It's plastic.  It's not a bird.  But every time it hit the ground I ran in real fast and grabbed it from them,  Then they chased me to get it back.  I had more fun than they did.

AND, my picture was in the paper.  I'm famous.

April 7, 2012 - Dad got back form his trip and I got to go for a long walk today, the first one I've had this week.  And then, Dad took me to Send Rover On Over (SROO) for an Easter egg hunt.  He didn't know Mom had signed me up for this.  It was neat.  I got to see some of my friends that I usually only get to see during the week.  And I got to hunt for Easter eggs.  There were dozens of them all over the floor, but only two "special" eggs for me, and I had to find them.  They were plastic and had bits of Salmon inside.  Valerie let me smell the fish so I knew what to look for, then she hid the eggs while I was busy with Dad.  I found them both and was rewarded with Salmon.  There were also two photographers there; one from SROO and one from the Star Free Press, the local newspaper.  The guy from the Star took some pictures of me and asked Dad what kind of dog I was, as he had never seen one like me before.  He told Dad to watch the newspaper tomorrow.

April 2, 2012 - Mom got real upset with me today.  She got some leftover beef stew, put it into a container to take to work for her lunch, and set it on the table while she went into the other room.  To me, that's nothing but a challenge.  I grabbed the container, carried it into the bonus room, took the lid off, and ate all the beef stew.  OK, so I spilled some on the new carpet.  But Mom got real mad; so mad she texted Dad to let him know what a bad dog I was.  Dad texted back what a smart dog I was to be able to do all that.

April 1, 2012 - It's April Fool's Day.  No practical jokes in this house.  Dad says I AM the practical joke.  I don't get it.  Dad was getting ready to leave town tonight for a day.  He stayed home to babysit me.  Mom went to visit Dad's aunt and uncle.  I met them before, they're great dog people.

March 31, 2012 - Dad went to work in the office today, on a Saturday.  That's the first time he's done that since I was adopted.  Mom made beef stew for dinner, and I got to lick the bowl.  Good stuff.

March 24 - 25, 2012 - Dad's leg is a little better, so we got to go for a short walk today.  But, he couldn't play with me cause it still hurt too much.

March 18, 2012 - Sunday, but no walk today.  Dad's leg hurts too bad.

March 17, 2012 - It's Saturday and it's Saint Patrick's Day, and it's Eddie's birthday.  We celebrate it today, because he was rescued by Mom on Saint Patrick's Day 13 years ago.  Nobody knows Eddie's exact age; the Vet guessed anywhere from 2 to 5 when he was adopted.  So, he's at least 15 today, or maybe 16.  Dad thinks 16 cause Eddie's getting so feeble now.  We celebrated and Eddie and I each got a miniature white cupcake as Eddie's birthday cake.  Mom and Dad went out for lunch to the local Irish Pub, and I got locked up as usual in my "prison," the laundy room and doggie run area.

It's also raining today, and Mom got really mad cause I kept bringing mud into the house.  She made Dad take me for another walk to burn off more energy.  It wasn't raining when we started the walk, but started raining while we we out, so the streets and sidewalks got slick with rain.  Walking down the hill, Dad slipped on some slick pavement and fell down.  He really hurt his leg bad.

March 10, 2012 - It's great to have Dad home again.  I got to go for a long walk with him this morning.  I haven't done that all week.  He promised me he's going to be around for awhile; he doesn't have another job scheduled out of town right now.

March 9, 2012 - Dad was gone this week, working out of town.  When he got home tonight, I ran out into the garage before he even got out of the car (I've got good ears and I can hear him coming - I recognize the sound of his car) and jumped on him as soon as he opened the car door.  I licked him and rubbed against him to show him how much I missed him.  I hung around him all through dinner and sat with him as he was catching up on reading mail and newspapers for the week.

But then, I ran out into the back yard.  And did something I had never been able to do before.  I caught a mouse. I AM A GREAT HUNTER!  But then I got in trouble.  I brought my "prey" back into the house to munch on it.  Mom saw me and screamed.  Dad made me take it outside, then he locked me outside cause I wouldn't drop the mouse.  I got back in the house about an hour later.  Mom and Dad don't know what heppened to the mouse, but it is nowhere to be seen.  Mom grabbed me and washed my mouth out.

March 1, 2012 - Wow!  I didn't realize how quickly time had passed.  Today is the one year anniversary of my "Rescue Day."  To celebrate, I got to go to Rover today.  I normally don't go on Thursdays, but they had a party planned for me.  They baked a special doggie cake for all of us to share, they made a sign that said "Charlie - Happy Rescue Day," and I even got a gift.  And, when I got home, Dad brought Eddie and I each a small white cupcake to celebrate.  Mom and Dad weren't at Rover when we celebrated there, so we had another celebration at home.  Below are some pictures from the day.  There's a picture of my presents, including the green tennis ball, which is already torn apart. And, a picture of me accepting what is left of the tennis ball to play with some more.  Also, this is Dad's daughter's birthday today.  I didn't get to celebrate with her, cause I already had my own celebration.



February 26, 2012 - Another quiet Sunday at home.  Long walk with Dad in the morning.  Play frisbee in the back yard.  Help Dad water the newly planted tree in the back yard.  This is the first Sunday ever that I got to go for a ride with Dad by myself.  Eddie couldn't come.  His legs are so weak now he can barely stand, and can't handle the movement of the Jeep.

February 23, 2012 - Dad was working out of town today and spending the night at a hotel.  So he called to talk to Mom.  I was close by Mom so she told Dad to say hello to me, and put the phone right in front of me.  I heard Dad's voice, so I started looking around for him.  I ran around the room, but I didn't see him.  Mom was laughing at me.  I didn't see anything funny about that.  I though it was mean to let me listen to Dad but not see him.

February 19, 2012 - Wow!  I never knew about this.  Today was Dad's birthday, so Eddie and I got to share some birthday cake with Mom and Dad.  But, that was this afternoon.  This morning was more of a problem.  Dad had to take me to the Vet cause my eyes were "running" a little.  Turns out I had a little infection, so the doctor (she's nice) gave me some medicine that made me all better.

And Dad was amazed because when we walked into the Vet's office (this was a different one cause my regular Vet is closed on Sunday, so these people had never met me before), the receptionist said what a cute dog I was.  So did the lady in the waiting room.  Then the Vet told me what  pretty dog I was, and so smart, cause I didn't wait for her, I opened the door myself.  She said she never had a dog smart enough to open the door.  Then, when we went back out to the reception area to check out, another couple came in with their cat and said what a beautiful dog I was.

Then, it got even worse for Dad.  He stopped at Petco to buy me some food and treats, and he always takes me into the store.  There were some new people working in there that didn't know me, and they stopped us on the way in and told me what a pretty dog I was.  Dad says it's going to my head.

February 12, 2012 - Just another quiet Sunday at home.  Had a good week this week; went to Send Rover On Over two days, so got to play a lot.  I helped Dad clean out the waterfall again.  I don't know if he likes it when I help, cause I jump on him and play in the water.  I also helped him water the Christmas tree that was just planted a couple of weeks ago.

February 5, 2012 - Super Bowl Sunday, whatever that is.  Mom and Dad both bet on New England.  They lost.  But I won, I got a whole day of Mom and Dad hanging around the house and playing with me.  They don't have a choice, I don't give them one.

January 29, 2012 - Sundays are great cause Dad always takes me for a super long walk.  And today was even more fun cause I got to see my Queensland Heeler friends, Paddy and Fiona.

January 28, 2012 - Dad's grandson Dillon came over today and planted the Christmas tree on the back hill.  Dad helped a bit, but it was mostly Dillon.  I helped Dillon.  I barked at the wheelbarrow, I barked at the pick, and I barked at the shovel.  That was a lot of help.  Nobody knows why I bark at those things (and brooms, rakes, and vacuum cleaners).  It just makes me feel better, and feel like I'm protecting the house.  Eddie told me to do this.  But, he doesn't do it.  Maybe he's playing a joke on me.  This makes four live Christmas trees that have been planted in the back yard.  The biggest one is now about thirty feet tall.  Dad says we'll have a forest some day.

January 22, 2012 - A quiet Sunday at home; Dad and I played frisbee in the back yard three times today (and once in the house, but Mom's not supposed to know about that).

January 15, 2012 - Grown up?  Not a chance.  After being quiet for more than a week, Mom found out that I have been given "time out" at Rover multiple times for "playing too hard."  Tattle tails.  But today, Mom and Dad gave me a time out at home.  They said I was bugging Eddie too much, so I got locked into the doggie area and couldn't come into the house.  The doggie area only lets me into the laundry room.  I can stay warm in there, but I can't see everyone else.

January 8, 2012 - Quiet week. Now that I'm a year old, I'm supposed to act grown up.

January 1, 2012 - It's New Years day, and it's my birthday.  I am one year old today.  Dad got me my own birthday cake - a white cupcake.  And Mom let me reach up on the counter and get it myself.  I can barely reach, but it was right by the edge, so I got it.  I licked the frosting until I accidentally knocked the cupcake over, so I just picked it up and carried it outside on the lawn and ate the whole thing, including the paper.  I ate it before Dad could take it away.  And I got a gift too.  A pink frisbee.  SInce I got a blue one for Christmas, I now have two good frisbees to play with.

My birthday cake Me eating cake My new frisbee


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