My StreetEvery day Dad takes me for a walk up the hill. It’s 9,622 puppy steps, but Dad says it’s just a mile. It’s a little over 2,000 steps for Dad. He takes bigger steps. I couldn’t really keep exact track of Dad’s steps, because I was so busy counting my own. 2,000 for him is a close enough guess. But, since I have four legs and Dad only has two, it’s really 19,244 steps for me. No wonder I get tired and want to take a nap after my walk.

We start the walk on my street.  It's not too long.  Just enough to get me set for the rest of the walk.

Tenth Street



Then we walk up the hill.  It's a longer walk, and all uphill (Dad says it's uphill both ways, but I know better.  It's downhill when we're walk back towards home.


Parking lot






We cruise through the parking lot every day.  There are lots of interesting smells here, and we see squirrels or bunnies almost every day here.  Lots of dog smells too.  I checked the local bulletin board, in this case a large plant at the corner to the entrance of the parking lot, to see who has been visiting.  Lots of dogs.  I haven't met a lot of them yet, but I will know them when I meet them.

The dogs I've met that I consider friends are Eisenhower and Paddy and Fiona.





Channel islandsYou can't really see it in this picture, but looking at the horizon out there is the Pacific Ocean.  It's clear today so I can see Anacapa Island in the distance.  It's part of the Channel Islands National Park.  They're really pretty, about 12 miles offshore, which means they're about 25 miles from me.  


Rose Garden 1We also walk through the rose garden.  It smells good, and there are lots of pretty colors, or so my Dad says.  I can't see as many colors as a human, but blue, yellow, and green are colors that I see real well.








We get to see a lot of my friends every morning when we go for the walk. We also sometimes see squirrels, bunnies, deer, and coyotes. Then there are those pesky birds, mostly crows. I bark and scare them away. I have to. I found out that when they sit on the light pole that hangs over the sidewalk, they sometimes try to poop on me. Disgusting!

There’s one bird that’s a lot bigger than the rest; the Condor. I bark at him too, but he usually ignores me.





I have both canine friends and human friends that we see on the walk.  Here is a picture of Eisenhower, one of my canine friends.

And this is a picture of Edde, one of my human friends.