I live in a big Spanish style house on the hill. It’s got a big yard, a full ½ acre so I have lots of room to run around. It’s all fenced so I can’t get out. But, other critters do come in. We have bunnies, squirrels, raccoons, and lots of birds. I like to chase them all.







Eddie and I also have the “Poop Deck,” our own semi private doggie area. It’s right behind the house, and we have our own doggie door so we can go out when we want. It’s away from any of the side fences so we can’t see or bark at any of the neighbors. Anyway, I don’t want anyone to see me when I’m taking care of business.

Dad originally had it designed so Sam and Eddie could have privacy and be able to go out when they need to take care of business. I’m still trying to learn that part.

But, Dad never expected me. I’m small enough right now that I can get out through the fence into the rest of the yard. Drives Mom and Dad crazy. They say I’ll grow out that in a couple of months, cause I won’t be able to squeeze through the fence any more.

Mom added a sign so no one could mistake our Poop Deck.

Inside the house I'm supposed to be good.  But, I am a growing little girl, and need lots of food.  Even though Mom says I'm getting all the food I'm supposed to get, I never turn down a meal.  And if the meal won't come to me, then I search for the meal.  Mom made the mistake of putting my food dish on the kitchen table where I coud see it.  I thought that was an invitation for me to see if there was more food in the magic dish (you know, the one where food magically appears), so here I am investigating.