Dad said no more freeloading; it's time for me to go to work.  He never made Eddie work, but then again, Eddie never did as much damage as I've done in just a few short weeks.  Dad says Mom is upset about the pillows on her couch (those were fun to tear apart), the one shoe, the throw rug, and lots of other things.  Soooo, I have to work to pay for things.


But Dad said my work wouldn't be too hard; I just have to serve as the official mascot for a couple of companies he works on.


My pay is FREE room and board.  And, since I eat so much, that's a pretty good deal.  But on top of that, I have a medical plan.  It's just a self-insured medical plan that allows me to go to the vet, but Dad says it's a way better deal than he has.  And, I don't have to worry about the cost of Obamacare.


Anyway my business card is shown below.  This makes me official.


My business card also has a back side.


These are Dad's businesses. Facilities Advisors, Inc. is a reserve study and consulting company.  HOA Pulse is an industry resource site, whatever that is.  All I know is that when Dad is home during the day he spends time in his study working on the computer.  I hang around and lay on the floor until I get bored.  Then I make him play with me.