My 2011 blog

December 31, 2011 - Mom and Dad went out for dinner tonight, and left Eddie and me alone.

December 27, 2011 - Dad just needed a day when he could post a few Christmas pictures.  Dad said we purposely had a "bare bones" Christmas tree this year because I tend to ruin so many things.  And the only ornaments they put on the tree were some that Monica made as a gift to Mom and Dad.  They're made of styrofoam and covered in pretty yarn, so they can't be broken.  But, as you can see, I snatched one off the tree and started chewing on it anyway.  Dad saw me do it and grabbed it back so quick I never really got to chew it.  The real fun came when Dad brought in a hand truck to move the tree back outside.  It's a live tree and they're going to plant it in the back yard, along with a couple of others already there.  For some reason, I just didn't like this hand truck, so started barking at it - for about five minutes.

Discovering Christmas tree Chewing on an ornament Handmade ornaments by Monica Me fighting with the hand truck


December 26, 2011 - Dad's home for a third day in a row.  I'm so happy today that I carried a shoe out into the back yard.  And a sandal.  And a sock.  And another sandal.   And a roll of toilet paper that fell off the shelf.  Good day.  I also played in the waterfall and ran into the house when I was wet.

December 25, 2011 - Christmas day.  My first Christmas.  Eddie and I got some treats for breakfast.  And Eddie and I each had a stocking for Christmas.  Dad didn't hang them on the fireplace cause he knew I would pull them down.  They were laying on the kitchen counter, but I could smell the goodies and poked my nose up over the counter top to see what was there.  Eddie and I each got a new pull toy, and some special chew toy treats.  And I got a new blue frisbee.  Dad says I've chewed up the old pink one so much that it doesn't fly so well anymore.  We went out in the back yard this morning and played frisbee.

Dad took Eddie and I both for a walk at the same time today.  This is only the second time he tried it.  The first time was months ago.  He says he can take us together now that I've learned to behave better.  Mom says Dad's just tired today and doesn't want to take two walks.

Mom and Dad went to Dawn's house for Christmas dinner, and came home with some turkey scraps for Eddie and I to eat.  I remember this from Thanksgiving.  I really like turkey.

I really like these things called holidays, cause I get to play more and get lots of good food.

Dad says I will enjoy next Sunday too, cause it's New Years Day, and it's my birthday.  I will be one year old.

December 24, 2011 - Today is something called Christmas Eve,  I don't know what it is, but kids and grandkids and friends came over today and I got to play in the back yard with the kids.  We played frisbee, my favorite.  Then, the humans all had a big meal of roast duck.  Eddie and I got some scraps.  This is the first time I ever had duck.  It tastes good.

And Mom and Dad set up a Christmas tree - actually, Dillon brought it in cause Dad's back hurts too much to do it.  The kids decorated it with pretty ornaments.  Monica hand made some ornaments for Mom and Dad a few years ago, and that's what went on the tree this year.  The ornaments are made from styrofoam balls wrapped with a pretty red and gold yarn.  Dad said he wanted those because I couldn't break them.  This being my first Christmas, Dad was pretty skeptical about me and things that might break easily.  The tree also had; No lights.  No tinsel. And, no gifts under the tree.  Dad doesn't trust me (he's smart).

At 7:00 PM we went out in the front yard to see Santa Clause fly by.  He does every year at the same time.  And I got to meet all the neighbors and their families out front.  They came over to sing Christmas Carols to us.  They asked what kind of dog I was and said I was cute.

December 23, 2011 - It's Friday, and Mom took me to day care at Rover today for just a half day.  Said she needed time to finish last minute shopping for tomorrow's dinner.   Dad picked me up at 11:30 AM.  When Dad came in, Valerie asked if Dad could wait for a minute, then she proceeded to use me as an example (a GOOD example) for sit, stay, come.  She was showing a woman what she could expect her dog to learn if she enrolled her dog into training class.  I'm so proud; I'm actually a good example now.  This is as good as when I got interviewed for Animal Planet last month (November 16th).

Even better, Dad stopped at Petco before we went home to stock up on treats, cause we're almost out.  Dad bought a whole bunch, and when we were waiting in line so Dad could pay, some lady said I was pretty and had great coloring.  Dad told Mom later that he's still batting 1000, because someone says I'm cute EVERY time he goes to Petco.

Mom was wrapping presents tonight upstairs, so I "helped" her.  I grabbed a ball of yarn and carried it out into the back yard.  After that, I grabbed a present and ripped the wrapping paper off of it.  I don't think Mom really appreciated my help.

December 18, 2011 - Dad cleaned out the waterfall today, so I "helped" him.  By that, I mean I jumped in each of the pools of water as he tried clean the algae out.  I don't think he appreciates my help.  But, then he played frisbee with me.  And I helped him water the garden.  But I didn't help him when he started the fire pit.  I don't like the fire, so I stay away from it.  I had to stay outside until I dried off.  Dad wouldn't let me in the house while I was wet.  I didn't like being locked outside, so as soon as I got back in the house I took one of Dad's shoes and carried it into the back yard.

December 17, 2011 - Today was a fun day.  Hannah came over to help Dad bake Christmas goodies.  They made lots of Christmas tree cakes, Dad's great fudge, and sugar cookies.  It smelled good, but I didn't get to try any.  But it was still fun cause I got to play with Hannah.  She's my favorite cause Dad told me she's the one that thought up my name.

What was more fun was helping Mom wrap presents.  I carried the red yarn all over the back yard.  I chewed on wrapping paper.  I ate boxes.  I had lots of fun.  When Mom got irritated with me, I got back at her by taking her slipper out into the back yard.

Dad took me to training today.  The lesson was on "come."  There were only four of us in class today, and Dad told me I came in last place.  He said all the other dogs immediately ran to their owners when they were told to come.  Because I'm more independent (and more stubborn), I kind of looked at the others dogs and eventually decided I would go see Dad.

December 10, 2011 - Dad topk me to training today, and we had a field trip.  We met in the parking lot at Lowe's, and after practicing "heel" we got to go inside Lowe's and walk around inside the store.  That was fun.  Besides the six dogs in our class, we saw two other dogs inside the store.  All us dogs didn't stick together; we all went our separate ways.  Valerie, the trainer, just wanted to see how we behaved with all the distractions.  Dad said I did real good.  I want to go back there again.

December 4, 2011 - Another day, another surprise.  Mom and Dad took me to Rover today, which is weird cause it's Sunday.  They had me sit for my first professional photo with some big fat guy in a red suit.  He had a white beard and white hair.  Said is name was Santa Paws, and that I should be nice, cause he knows when I'm naughty and nice.  I can't figure humans out.  If he's not around our house, how could he know when I'm naughty and nice?  Besides, I'm mostly naughty.   Dad says I'll get a present anyway.

December 2, 2011 - Wow, right after I say I'm bored, something happens.  Today is Friday, and Mom locked me in the doggie run area in the morning, but I saw Dad walk into the back yard so I whimpered to him, hoping he would let me loose.  Dad ignored me, and went up to the middle level of the back yard deck and was taking pictures.  And then, the Condor moved.  He spread his wings.  I didn't notice him until he moved.  He's so big, he scared me.  So I started barking at him to scare him out of my back yard.  He ignored me.  Dad said the Condor spread his wings to scare us away.  He knows he's big, and uses his size to intimidate.   I didn't care, I wanted him out of my yard, so I kept barking at him.  Dad decided he had enough pictures, so went in the house.  I still kept barking at the Condor.  And, finally, I scared him and he flew away.  I didn't even get any thanks for doing my job so well.  I'm not appreciated around here.

December 1, 2011 - I'm bored.  Now that I've pretty much discovered everything around the house, things are settling into a routine.  I go to Rover on Monday and Wednesday and get to play with other dogs.  Dad takes me for a walk every day.  I play fetch, and catch the frisbee in the air.  I watch the squirrel outside in the back yard.  Same old, same old.

November 26, 2011 - I like these holiday things.  Dad has been home for three days in a row, and says he'll be home tomorrow too.

November 24, 2011 - Today is something called Thanksgiving.  I don't know what it is, but I like it cause Dad stayed home today and played with me, and took me for a ride.  I like it even more cause Mom started cooking last night, and again first thing this morning.  This is more food than I've ever seen in my life.  Dad says he carves the turkey so he's going to make sure I get some.  I don't know what turkey is, but it's big, and it smells good.

WOW!  So that's what turkey is.  It's good.   Dad kept his promise and Eddie and I got some scraps, and even a few good pieces, when he carved the turkey.

More grandkids over today for Thanksgiving.  I got to play with them, and fetch, and run around.  After dinner, all I could do was sleep.  They wore me out.

November 23, 2011 - I got to go to "Rover" again today.  Mom says I get to go on Wednesdays so she can get me out of the house.  Wednesdays is when the housekeeper comes, and I'm too much trouble for her.  I really like it at Rover cause I get to play so hard with some other young dogs.  And, when Mom picks me up, I'm so tired that all I do is sleep for the rest of the day.  I feel guilty, cause that means Eddie has to guard the house all by himself.  I know he's done that for years, but he's getting older and needs my help.

November 20, 2011 - Dad is sad today.  It's the 10th anniversary of his mother's death.  Dad's kids came over today for dinner, and I got to play with the grandkids.  This was great, they chased me around the yard and we played fetch until I was too tired.  They were really impressed that I could catch the Frisbee in the air.  I'm getting good at this.

November 19, 2011 - Saturday, and Dad really worked me out on our walk today using the training collar.  I like it a lot better than the harness.  I'm embarrassed to go out in the harness, cause people know that I'm hard to control.  But I behave with the training collar.  I went to a training lesson today at Rover.  Dad really messed up.  He forgot both my harness (that they insist that I use for training here) and treats.  Silly Dad.  He had to borrow everything.  I beat everybody at playing fetch the ball, cause I'm so fast.  And all the dogs got to play at the end of the lesson.  I know so many dogs now I can't believe it.  At least 50 or 60.

November 16 - 17, 2011 - My first sleepover.  Mom and Dad went away overnight, so I got to stay at Paradise Resort overnight.  I was a little concerned, cause I've never done this before, but it was fun. I got to play real hard with Truman, a tan Pitbull.  He's only five months old, but is as tall as me, only wider, and he outweighs me.  But he was a good match cause I play so hard, and he's the only one that could keep up with me.  I also got training from Elias.  He used a training collar and I learned, finally, to heel.  He also selected me from all the dogs at the resort for an interview with the folks from Animal Planet.  They were doing a story on dog training.  They thought I was cute.

November 12, 2011 - I had to skip training class today cause Dad's in Utah.  He claims he's working, but Mom said it snowed in Park City today where he's at, and Dad told me he likes to ski.  He said someday he'll take me to the mountains so I can play in the snow.

November 7, 2011 - It's Monday, and I got to go to "Rover" for half a day.  They told Mom I behaved perfectly.  I had a lot of fun playing with the other dogs.  I don't get to play with Eddie much at home cause he's too old, and can't keep up with me.  These other dogs are about my same age, so we have lots of fun together.  When Mom picked me up, I just fell asleep in the car cause I was so tired.  And to think, I resisted going there today.  Crazy.

November 6, 2011 - It's Sunday, and it's raining.  It's rained a couple of other times in my short little life, but I was really too young to remember.  This is cool, I like rain.  Dad and I went for a walk in the rain this morning, and this afternoon we played "Frisbee"in the back yard.  Dad says I'm getting really good, cause now I can catch it in the air about half the time, and says the other times when I don't are probably his fault for a bad throw.  I like this game.

November 5, 2011 - Mom and Dad both took me to "Rover" today for a training class.  This is behavior training rather than learning more "tricks."  Dad actually got me to go for a "hands free" leash walk today.  That means he tied my leash to his belt and never touched it with his hands, and I was controlled by voice commands only.  Dad says this is a major step forward.

November 4, 2011 - Mom took me to "Send Rover On Over" for an evaluation for day care.  Mom says she needs a day off every week, so I will get to come here.  I got to play with some other dogs, and was accepted into "Rover" because I now know how to play with the other dogs without feeling intimidated.

November 3, 2011 - Mom took me back to Paradise Resort for a second "mandatory" evaluation today - AND  I PASSED with flying colors according to the staff.  Now that I'm used to this place and know that I'm supposed to be friendly to the other dogs, I'm OK.

October 31, 2011 - Mom made me dress up funny today for something called Halloween.

October 29, 2011 - Mom and Dad took me to visit "Paradise Ranch" doggie resort in Sunland today.  This was my "evaluation" session to see if I would be accepted at this exclusive doggie resort which you can find on the web at It's a really cool place with dozens of dogs, a waterpark for dogs, and trainers that are really nice.  Mom says I will get to stay here the next time they go on a trip.  I had to stay for 4 hours to be evaluated, and I flunked.  They say I was too intimidated by other dogs, so I'm not ready for free roaming socialization in their resort yet.  But, I get to go back for training, then they'll accept me.  I want to go so I can play in the water park with other dogs my size.  I saw a Great Dane there today.  Wow!  Big!

October 17, 2011 - So, Dad was packing a suitcase for an overnight trip and put his "pill" box on top of the suitcase (which was on top of the table at the end of the bed).  This is where he keeps his vitamins etc. that he needed to take with him.  He stepped into the other room for a few seconds (and I mean that literally, less than 30 seconds), but I took advantage of it.  The pill box is a pretty, blue plastic thing, with one small container for each day of the week.  I was laying on the bed, so I could see it, and wanted to see what it was, so I grabbed it and ran out into the back yard to play with it.  Dad came back, saw me, and it, missing, and yelled at me to drop it.  I did as ordered, but not before I swung it around once and spread vitamin pills around the yard.  Dad was mad.  Mom laughed.  I don't see what I did wrong.  Dad still thinks I'm cute.  Mom says that's the only thing that saves me.

October 16, 2011 - Long walk today, it's Sunday.  I got to bother Dad a lot while he tried to clean up the yard, trim some plants and water the garden.  He says I make everything a challenge.  Then, Mom and Dad went to something called the Harvest Festival this morning and left me and Eddie at home alone.  I don't like that; I want them to stay with me.  But, they brought back a treat for each of us.  Good parents, but still doesn't make up for leaving us at home.

October 14, 2011 - Mom joined Dad at class today.  Normally, she brings me to the parking lot and we meet Dad there, then Dad takes me inside.  Today, Mom took me inside, and was she surprised, cause everybody said "Charlie's here," or "Hi Charlie," or "Charlie is in the building."  I'm used to that.  She didn't know I was always greeted that way.  Dad was late.  Mom was even more surprised when I ran over to say hello to Bailey when Bailey came in.  Mom had heard about Bailey, but didn't know who she was.  Sandra is trying to teach us a real hard trick today; to put away our toys.  Hmmm.  We'll see how this works out.

October 7, 2011 - It's been kind of a slow week; carried some clothes out into the back yard, jumped on Eddie, barked at the "Scary Guy" that walks by our fence a lot, barked at the squirrels, barked at the raccoons, chased the rabbits, and went to class again tonight.  I like class cause I get to see my friend Bailey.  We have fun together.  The main event in class today getting the "roll over" down pat.  I've got it now.

October 1, 2011 - Today is such a special day.  First, I am now nine months old today.  Second, this marks seven months since I was adopted.  What a special day.  And my adoptive parents celebrated by doing exactly NOTHING today.  I picked up a phrase from an old TV show that is appropriate.  "Bummer, Dude."

September 30, 2011 - OK, back in school today with my friend Bailey.  Sandra, the trainer, was so impressed that Bailey and I get along so well, and we would both respond to all the commands at the same time.  Sandra really pushed us hard tonight, and made me jump through the hula hoop that was a foot off the ground.  Dad worked with me and FINALLY, I agreed to roll over for him.  And the "leave it" command - Sandra was so impressed that she took a picture of me as Dad posed me, proving that I knew the command, laying down with my paws out in front of me, with a doggie treat on top of each paw, and another between my paws, right in front of me.  Because Dad said "leave it," I couldn't touch any of those treats, and I really wanted to.

September 23, 2011 - Friday and I get to play hooky - no school today, the trainer is on vacation.

September 17, 2011 - Saturday and Dad's taking me for a good, long walk again today.  But there's a crazy old lady that has her young German Shepard dog up here on the hill today.  We've seen her before, and she has a bad habit of taking her dog off leash and letting him run free.  And this dog is bigger than the lady; probably weighs about 110 pounds.  Today he charged us.  I couldn't tell if he was friendly or not, and he's at least three times as big as me, so I growled and barked and tried to defend myself.  The dog got right up to us, and kept on coming, so Dad put his foot out and pushed him away.  Good old Dad, he protects me.  But, the crazy lady then tells Dad he kicked her dog and she's going to report him to the police.  Dad said go ahead, and you can explain why you're breaking the law by not having your dog on a leash and I'm having to defend myself.  Some people.  I'm scared to death of that big dog, and she just lets him run loose.

September 11, 2011 - Sunday is my favorite day, cause Dad takes me for an extra long walk on Sundays.  And, I get to go for a ride every Sunday to pick up the Sunday Times and a Chai Tea from Starbucks for Mom.  That's her reward for putting up with me on Saturday.  But today, Dad decided to stop at K-Mart after getting the Chai so he could buy a hula hoop and practice with me at home.  Bad mistake Dad.  As soon as he left the car I grabbed the Chai Tea and lifted the cup into the back of the Jeep.  Although I'm good with my paws, removing the lid isn't easy, so I grabbed it in my teeth and pulled it off - and spilled the tea.  Don't worry though, Eddie and I licked it all up before Dad got back to the car.  Mom says I'm going to be wired all day from all that caffeine.  What a great day.  To celebrate getting the tea, I stole Dad's shoes when he took them off to sit down and read the paper and took them into the back yard.  Took him a half hour to notice them missing and go get them.

September 9, 2011 - Training again, and Dad and the trainer are ganging up on me and forcing me to do all kinds of things.  They literally have me walking through a hoop (a hula hoop that is).  Sandra says that pretty soon, if we work on it, I'll even be jumping through hoops.

September 5, 2011 - Today is something called Labor Day, and it's a holiday, so Mom and Dad are both at home.  They decided to take me to the beach again.  Dad was sure that I would like to get in the water with him. He's

convinced Mom just wasn't persuasive enough to get me in the water when she took me to the beach by herself.  I told him, I don't like that water.  It moves.  It's foamy.  But, Dad tried again.  You can see the results in the pictures here.  I didn't want to get near the water, and really tried to pull away.  I'm really strong for my size.



They finally gave up and we went to the Ventura Harbor to walk around.  And they took another picture.  They call this one "Octo Charlie."

August 26, 2011 - It's Friday again, so Dad and I get to go to training class tonight.  Dad got some new kind of halter contraption that fits over my muzzle, and he says it makes me easier to control.  I don't like it, I can't pull like I used to do when we go for a walk, cause this thing turns my head back around so I can't pull.  Dad says that's the point.  Anyway, Sandra tried to teach me "wait" today, and told Dad to practice with me during the week.  I got to see all my old friends at Petco, and they tried to distract me and make me act bad during class.  Of course, I oblige, then Dad and Sandra BOTH tell me to behave.  They're ganging up on me.

August 25, 2011 - Something new happened again today.  I'm just having a quiet day at home with Mom, when all of a sudden the house starts to shake, and there's this loud noise "whup whup whup whup whup."  I ran out into the back yard to protect the house and this GIGANTIC red bird flies real low over the house.  I mean, the Condor is big, but this thing is HUUUUGE!  Mom said I was so stunned that I stopped barking and just stared for a few seconds, then I started barking again.  Mom said it was a rescue helicopter, and it was landing at the hospital, which is pretty close to our house.  The helicopter stayed on the ground for awhile, then flew off again, right over our house.  This time I wasn't surprised.  I was waiting for it and barked at it and scared it away.  Successful again.

August 21, 2011 - I like red grapes.  They fall off the grape vine outside the sliding glass door in the back yard.

August 7, 2011 - Mom and Dad have this funny thing called a mirror in their bedroom.  I can see it when I jump up on the bed.  Sometime, if I pay attention, I see another dog in the mirror.  I don't understand how she got into my house, so I bark at her, and she barks back at me.  Dad laughs.  No matter how much I bark, she just keeps barking back and won't leave.  It's funny though, Dad makes me jump off the bed and then that other dog goes away too and stops barking.  I think it's a magic mirror; like my magic food dish, where food just magically appears.

August 5, 2011 - Another training class today.  The trainer finally got me to understand "shake."  But, I swear they'll never get to teach me to quit jumping.  I've been told "OFF" so many times that I just ignore it.  Class was fun cause i've got a new classmate, Bailey, a Labradoodle.  She's a couple of months older than me, but a lot taller.  Dad says I'm a short little runt.

July 31, 2011 - I got to see something entirely new today, big colorful balls hanging up in the sky.  15 of them.  I couldn't count them, but Dad did and told me how many there were.  I barked and barked at them, but they wouldn't

go away; they just hung there in the air, moving real slow.  Dad told me they're hot air balloons, and today is the annual Santa Paula hot air balloon race and festival.  I barked at them some more and I guess I finally scared them though, cause after awhile they went away.

I also got my revenge today on the dreaded "no-no bottle."  Dad threatened me with it earlier today when I was misbehaving, but left it on the patio table.  I can reach the patio table, so when no one was looking, I attacked.  The "no-no bottle" is no more.  It now consists of several pieces of plastic that can't be used as an offensive weapon against me. The best defense is a good offense.

July 23, 2011 - Dad took me for the longest walk I ever had today.  Clear up to the top of the hill where you can see all the way down the valley, across the valley to the golf course (Dad likes to go there) and clear out to Anacapa Island.  There a LOTS of rabbits at the top of the hill, cause there aren't any houses there.  We also saw Paddy and Fiona, two Queensland Heeler friends of mine.  I need to put a picture of them on the website.  They're cute; they kinda look like me.

July 22, 2011 - Friday evening, and I'm back for another training class.  Every time I walk into Petco people stop Dad to ask him what kind of dog I am.  I guess they can't tell, and nobody has ever heard of a Catahoula before.  Dad finally got to the point that he carries my business card around in his pocket and gives it to people when they ask what kind of dog I am.  I like coming to Petco; I like the attention.  Plus I get lots of snacks during the training.  One of the ladies at Petco told us that she thought I was so cute when she saw me last week that she took a picture with her phone and posted it on her facebook page.  She says all of her friends are asking about the dog (me).  Dad gave her a card so she could see the videos on the website.  And I know they see me on the website.  Dad showed me the site statistics that said we've had hundreds of visitors to the site since we set it up a few months ago.

July 19, 2011 - Mom said I needed to get out of the house so I wouldn't bother the housekeeper.  She's afraid of dogs.  So, Mom took me to Vicky's Pampered Pets to get another bath.  They didn't give me a little angel award this time.  But, the lady at the front desk told Mom she couldn't believe how much I've grown.  When Mom asked if she remembered me from that first visit, the lady showed us her cell phone.  She thought I was so cute that she took a picture of me and saved it as the "wallpaper" on her cell phone.  Mom couldn't believe it.

July 16, 2011 - Some days the morning walk is just more fun than other days.  Today I met a new lady, AND saw three rabbits, AND saw five other dogs.  That's more than I normally see in a whole week.

July 15, 2011 - Dad enrolled me in some more classes, and today was my first class after a break of two months with no training classes.  Sandra, the trainer, says I'm much more calm than I was when I first started lessons three months ago.  But, she agrees that I still need more training.  I don't think I need more training; I just have fun.

July 8, 2011 - Mom was even more surprised today than Dad was yesterday when I "disappeared" for awhile.  Mom was convinced that I had somehow escaped from the back yard and was running loose in the neighborhood, so she decided to drive around in her car, knowing that I would see the car and come running to her.  The surprise?  She found me inside the garage, just waiting for her to open the door to let me back into the house.  Since I learned how to open the door into the garage yesterday, I decided to explore the garage more fully today.  I just didn't know how to get back into the house.

July 7, 2011 - Wow, I learned a new trick today.  you see, I'm always so glad when Dad gets home that that I run up to the door that opens into the garage and jump against it.  The door knob on this is a flap, not a round knob, and I accidentally opened the door and ran into the garage to greet Dad.  Boy, was he surprised.

July 6, 2011 - Back to the Vet today to have stitches removed from my little "spay" operation.  I now weigh 36 pounds.

July 6, 2011 - Today we received the official notification from CARL (Canine Adoption and Rescue League) that my adoption process is complete.  I'm happy in my home.  Mom's human daughter says that when she dies she wants to be reincarnated as Mom's dog, cause no one gets treated better than Mom's dogs.

July 4, 2011 - Wow!  What a day.  Turns out the fireworks were lots of fun.  Even better, the grandkids came over and played with me.  I'm worn out.  There are four of them, and we played hard for hours.  When I wore one of them out, I would just start on another one.  But finally, I was so tired, I just laid down and watched the fireworks with Mom.  Eddie stayed in the bedroom where the fireworks wouldn't bother him.

July 1, 2011 - It's Friday night and Mom says this is the start of another three day weekend, so Dad will be home to play with me for three whole days.  Yay!  But, Dad says it's independence day, and the local folks will set off a lot of fireworks to celebrate on Monday.  They also shoot a lot of guns.  I don't know what fireworks or guns are yet, but Dad said they'll probably scare me.  They scare Eddie, and he's not afraid of anything.  He ran the gopher guy out of the yard a couple of weeks ago, nipping at his heels.

June 30, 2011 - I'm six months old today.  To celebrate, Mom and Dad did exactly nothing.  So I decided to celebrate my way.  First order of business was digging a big hole near the rose bush out on the poop deck.  Next, I tracked dirt inside the house.  That didn't seem like enough, so I also jumped up and snatched a paper towel off the counter and tore it to shreds and left little pieces all around the dining room and family room.  Actually, there's really not that much special about that, I do similar things every day.  But, now I feel fulfilled.  That'll teach them to ignore me on a special day.

June 25, 2011 - Now that I'm out in the sun this afternoon and stretched out to sunbathe, we finally got a look at my tummy.  Now I'm real upset.  I have stitches, and I'm going to have a scar.  And that darned Vet made the scar too high; it's going to show above my bikini line.  I can't believe they would do that to me.  No consideration at all.  Just because I won't ever have a sex life now doesn't mean that I still don't want to look good.

June 24, 2011 - Mom picked me up at the Vet's office late this afternoon.  Boy, am I happy to see her.  I got so excited I forgot my training and jumped on her.  The staff on duty today weren't here yesterday when I checked in, so they didn't know I was here until I was brought out to the lobby.  They petted me and made a fuss, and said they couldn't believe I had gotten so big since the last time I was in.

Eddie was real happy to see me when I got home.  We played and ran around the yard.  The Vet said I would be groggy for a few days.  They were wrong.  When Dad got home tonight I said hello, then ignored him.  I wouldn't go near him after saying hello.  I'm pouting and paying him back for deserting me at the Vet's office and letting them do that "spay" thing to me.  OK, five minutes was long enough, now I can be friendly with Dad again.  I missed him.  He plays with me a lot in the back yard.

June 23, 2011 - I'm worried.  Dad took me to the vet today.  Normally Mom does, so something is different.  I got weighed in, and I'm up to 34 pounds.  I'm growing fast; I weigh almost as much as Eddie now.  But Dad left me here at the vet, all alone.  He said I am getting spayed today, and he's real sorry, and that I have to stay here. I don't like this.  What does "spay" mean anyway?

OUCH!!!!!!!  That hurt.  I want my Mommy.

What's this?  I 'm spending the night at the vet's office.  I want to be home in my own bed.  I want to see my Dad.

June 22, 2011 - Mom took me to the beach today for the first time.  She figured that since I like the waterfall so much that I would love the beach.  Are you kidding?  That water MOVES.  Something called waves.  And it smells!  And it has foam on it.  Mom walked out and tried to coax me into the water, but I held my ground and wouldn't go.  She said Dad would have to try some other time.  He's more convincing.  Anyway, this was supposed to be a special treat cause of something happening tomorrow.

June 15, 2011 - The new carpet got a little dirty today, but only because I came in with wet feet (no mistakes - not yet).  It was hot, so I decided to go into the waterfall to cool off.  Dad turned it on and added some new water into it and got rid of some green algae that had grown since he wasn't here last weekend to clean it out.  I like it when Dad cleans the waterfall.  I help him, mostly by jumping on his back when he kneels down to clean the rocks.  He also now has to re-arrange the rocks, because he says I move them around when I play in the water.

June 9, 2011 - What a crackup yesterday was.  The new carpet got installed, and the gopher guy came around like he does once a month to kill any gophers.  Because of the carpet, Eddie and I couldn't stay in the house, so we were loose in the back yard.  The gopher guy didn't know that, so he just came right into the back yard like he normally does, thinking thet Eddie and I were locked into the poop deck doggie run area.  Eddie saw him and surprised him.  Eddie chased him out of the yard.  Good for you boy.

June 8, 2011 - We're getting new carpet in the house today.  Not the whole house; just downstairs where I spend most of my time.  Mom tells Dad we need new carpet because of me.  Dad tells me not to take it personally; the carpet is 12 years old and needs to be replaced anyway, and Mom is just trying to make Dad feel guilty by blaming it on me.  Hey, those couple of little mistakes didn't mess up the carpet that much.  The shampoo job pretty much fixed that.  Anyway, I can't wait for the carpet to be installed; all that carpet, so unspoiled, just waiting for me. Heh, Heh.

June 5, 2011 - Today is Sunday and I get an extra long walk on Sundays cause Dad has more time.  But, today, we encountered two loose dogs off leash.  When their human saw us he got one of them back onto leash immediately, but the white bulldog charged me.  I barked and my hair stood up on end and I must have scared him, because he stopped about 30 feet away.  Dad says that's the first time he saw me "get my fur up."

I went to my 6th training class today.  It was fun cause Mom took me to Petco to meet Dad there.  He had been having lunch with his grandaughter to celebrate her birthday.  This time I had two classmates, both full size Poodles.  They're both about my age, cause this is a puppy class, but both of these dogs are way bigger than me.  Still, the trainer said we socialized well.  Just as this class was ending and the new class starting, a lady brought in a blonde Lab.  She's seven months old and a lot bigger than me, but I didn't like her and we barked at each other.

I also found a new delicacy in the back yard; escargot.  I didn't eat it, I just played with it.  It's raining this afternoon and Dad says the snails come out in the rain.

June 3, 2011 - Today I had a new experience.  There were helicopters buzzing around close to the house, so I growled and barked at them and scared them all away.  They are now staying about a half mile away.  Dad says they are spraying the orchards of the farms down the valley.  All I know is they're too noisy.  I'm a good guard dog.

June 2, 2011 - Early this morning I grabbed something off the nightstand and tried to run out into the back yard with it, but Mom stopped me and said "Drop It."  Dad was in the other room, but said to Mom that "Drop It" is not a command I've been taught yet.  Mom said "So would you like her to take your cell phone into the back yard?"

May 28, 2011 - Dad says I'm really learning well, and that I'm now behaving like a good dog (most of the time) on our morning walk.  He's been getting me to heel and pay attention to him instead of pulling on my leash all the time.  I don't know about that, but I like the little food treats I get when I do what he wants.

May 24, 2011 - I was just playing, I didn't mean to break it.  Mom says Dad is finally getting his just reward, because it was HIS lamp that I broke, not hers.  HA!  We'll see what Dad says when he gets home.

May 23, 2011 - I was laying in the family room taking a nap this morning when Mom praised me for being such a good dog and finally starting to settle down.  She then walked around the corner into the bedroom.  I was so happy I decided to follow her, and thank her.  So, when I went around the corner I grabbed a piece of the plant to give her as a gift.  I think this is when Mom realized that she had spoken too soon.  She wasn't happy about my gift, and told Dad he had to buy her a new plant, since I am his dog.  I guess I still have something to learn about what is an acceptable gift for Mom. 

May 22, 2011 - My fourth obedience class, and I got another private lesson today.  Dad took me by himself today; something about Mom needing a break.  Since Dad missed the last one, Sandra, the trainer, had us review everything I've learned already.  The only new thing I learned today was not to jump on everybody when I say hello.  I also got to meet four new dogs at Petco.  Dad says I'm getting better about socializing with dogs.  But, there was that one VERY BIG German Shepard out in front of the store that barked at me.  Lucky for him that he was in the car so he was safe from me.  I barked back at him.

May 20, 2011 - Dad got home late today, and came into the house while Mom had the television on loud, so I didn't hear him until he got inside the house.  He scared me, and because it was dark in the room by the garage where he came in, I didn't recognize him at first, so I barked at him.  Dad called my name and then I knew it was him and went and gave him his welcome home lick.  Dad says I'm a good watch dog.

May 15, 2011 - My third day of "school" today.  Mom took me by herself today.  We got to go for a walk and meet other dogs.  I'm supposed to be learning how to walk without pulling.  But, that's real hard because there are so many interesting things to see and smell.  Everything is new to me, so I get distracted a lot.

May 14, 2011 - I got to meet four new friends on my walk today.  Mike and Karen, the human friends, said they would email me a digital photo of the canine friends, two Queensland Heelers, Paddy and Fiona.  They're all nice.  Dad says he's been seeing them for years.

May 8, 2011 - Today is Mother's Day.  Dad made sure that I got Mom a card and a really big gift.  He says I owe her big time cause I haven't necessarily been well behaved.  Soooo, I got Mom a Kindle for Mother's Day.  I don't know what it is, but it looks like something good to chew on.  Dad says that should do the trick.  He knows she wanted one, and didn't get it for Christmas.  I also went to my second day of "school."  I learned "bow" and "wait" today.  I was lucky and got a private class today.  We kept getting interrupted cause everyone that walked by stopped to tell me how cute I am.  So I had to stop my lesson and say hello to them.  I also made a new friend, "Evvie."  She is a German Shepard, and still a puppy like me.  I don't know her human's name, but she's nice too.

May 6, 2011 - Mom got upset with me today.  I don't know why.  I just wanted to stay close to her, but since she was in the other room, I decided to take one of her things with me that she left laying on the bed.  She doesn't mind that normally, but when she found out that I was chewing on her glasses, that's when she got upset; $400 worth of upset.

May 5, 2011 - Dad called today and told me that I am a big hit at the CAI conference.  Lots of people stopped by cause they liked my picture that was on the display booth at the trade show.

May 4, 2011 - Back to the Vet today for my last shots.  I now weigh 26 pounds.  Now, "Fat Dog" is one of many nicknames that I have acquired in just a few weeks.  The other nicknames are "Pig Nose" "Pig Face" and "Swamp Dog."

May 2, 2011 - Mom had the carpets shampooed today.  She said she had to because of me and a couple of accidents I had, and it's a good day for it since Dad wasn't home during the day today.  Just me and Eddie.  Mom took a funny picture of me barking at the shampoo machine.  She says I have finally met my match.

May 1, 2011 - I took my first obedience lesson today.  There was only one other dog in the class today, and she is both older than me and has had more training, but not too much more.  I was learning some new things and she was reinforcing prior training.  I already knew "Sit," and kind of knew "Stay," but was still having trouble with "Come."  I think we got that under control today.   Because I am a smart dog I also learned "Down" and "Focus" today and "Leave it."  Sandra, the trainer, said I still have a lot to learn, but I'm looking forward to it.

What a week.  I both started school and got a job this week.

April 29, 2011 - My business cards arrived today from the printer.  It's official, I now have a job.  No pay, just free room and board, and a medical plan (visits to vet's office).

April 24, 2011 - Easter Sunday.  Eddie and I each got a hard boiled egg with our name on it.  Mine is pink, Eddie's is blue.  We did an Easter egg hunt on the back lawn.  I found mine real quick and started to play with it.  Mom was amazed because I didn't break the shell on the egg.  She says that given how much I chew on things I'm NOT supposed to chew on, that this was amazing.

April 17, 2011 - We got to go to Petco today.  I like going there cause I can see other dogs and always get to see the friendly staff at Petco.  This was only my second trip, and Jaime was at the register today.  Just like last time, he wanted to know what kind of dog I was.  But, he asked if I was going to have my ears docked.  Dad said no way was I going to have mutilating surgery; those floppy ears are part of what makes me such a unique dog.  In this case "unique" is not a compliment.

Dad took me for a walk again today.  We saw Robert, but he was too far away to talk to.

April 16, 2011 - Dad took me for a long walk today.  I got to meet Edde for the first time.  Also played in the waterfall and made a mess in the house.  Great day!  I'm also learning lots of things real fast.  I think I know my name now.  My name is "No."  That;s the first thing out of Mom's mouth every time she's near me.  It's always "No, Charlie."  I wonder who Charlie is?

April 13, 2011 -Went to the Vet today, my third visit.  I now weigh 20 pounds.  I've more than doubled my weight in the last 6 weeks since I was adopted.  Everybody at the East Ventura Animal Clinic was happy to see me.  They yelled "CHARLIE" as soon as I walked in the door.  The doctor said she would take me if ever Mom and Dad couldn't take care of me.

April 10, 2011 - Dad took me for my first full walk today.  I got to meet lots of people.  Normally I only get a short walk, so don't get to see as many people.

March 17, 2011 - Today is Eddie's birthday.  He is 15 years old in human years.  That's really old in doggie years.  We celebrated by sharing a birthday cake - in this case, Eddie and I each got 1/4 of a white cupcake.  Mom and Dad split the other half.  Dad said he would have liked chocolate, but neither Eddie or I are allowed to have chocolate.  This was a real treat, because our normal treat is a small carrot.  Both Eddie and I like carrots.

March 9, 2011 - Today Mom took me to Vickie's Pampered Pet to get my first bath.  They said I was cute, and when I left I received an award, the "Little Angel Award" for being such a good girl.  They tied a pink ribbon on my collar to show I had my bath.  Mom took a picture of me when we got home and sent it to Dad (he was working out of town that day) to show him I was "all clean."  Good thing she sent the photo; I didn't stay that way for too long.

March 8, 2011 - I'm just getting used to this new place I live.  These humans talk to me, and they call me.  One word they keep saying over and over again, so I think it must be my new name.  The word is "No."

March 7, 2011 - My first visit to the Vet.  You've got to see the whole page on the Vet's office to appreciate this.  But, I had fun and met lots of people, and was given my first set of shots.

March 1, 2011 - I am adopted today from the Ventura County Animal Shelter.  Good thing, as I was scheduled for euthanization tomorrow.

January 2 to February 28, 2011 - We don't know what happened during this time period.  I was too young to remember.  All we know for sure is that another dog, we think one of my siblings, bit me, and I ended up in the Animal Shelter in the medical ward.  That's where Dad found me.

January 1, 2011 - I am born today.  OK, we don't really know the exact day, but since they said at the shelter that I was 8 weeks old when I was adopted on March 1st, we're using New Years Day as my birthday.  Good day.  I share that birthday with Dad's Aunt.