November 2013

I am now almost three years old, and Dad said I was mature enough to go on a long trip.  He has wanted to visit with his brother for a long time, and it just never worked out.  His brother, my uncle  Wayne, lives in New Mexico.  Dad searched and found a pet friendly timeshare resort in Riudoso, New Mexico.  It's a mountain resort community about 7,000 feet high.  It's just about 50 miles north of Las Cruces.

The total drive time to get there was about 16 hours, so Dad broke it into two days, cause I've never spent that much time in the car in a single day.  The first night we stopped at a hotel in Tucson, Arizona.  This is really cool, I got to visit my first state other than California, where I live.  Dad stopped for lunch, and he also stopped at rest stops so I could run around, go potty, and drink some water.  For dinner, it was a special treat, cause I got my normal dog food, but Dad also let me have a few bites of his chicken from Chic Fila.  Dad took me for long walks around the hotel so I could burn off my energy from being cooped up in the Jeep all day.

The next day we met Uncle Wayne in Las Cruces for lunch.  He's nice to me.  Then we followed him up into the mountains to the Ruidoso Ranch timeshare resort.  I like this place, but I did smell another dog here, and there were deer and elk pellets in the front yard.  This place is out in the country, so Dad got to take me for some real long walks.  And I got at least 2 or 3 long walks every day.  We saw horses at a ranch that's across the road.  And the resort has a dog run area that's enclosed so Dad could let me off the leash so I could run around.

Above are pictures of the timeshare resort, and me laying on the hearth in front of the fireplace.  This dirt road is where Dad and Uncle Wayne took me for long walks.

This is one of the horses across the road.  And a town way up high in the mountains.  We were close to the snow when we were at this place.  This is me with Dad at the Billy The Kid museum in Ruidoso.

Roswell is a crazy place.  Dad tells me they had aliens land here in 1947.  The government tried to tell everyone it was just a weather balloon, but nobody believes them.

Uncle Wayne used to work at White Sands Missile base, so he took us over there to the visitor center on the military base and we got see lots of missiles.  The first one shows a picture of me in front of the missiles, just to prove I was really there.

This is the Whites Sands National Park visitor center.  Like always, I'm curious, so I had to look over the wall.  The Dad took a couple of pictures of me actually out on the white sand dunes.  I've seen sand before, at the beach.  But, it was nothing like this.