Bristlecone Pines Forest

October 2012 - This is my first trip out of town, and Dad decided to take me to someplace that he has wanted to visit for a long time.  And, he decided to take me with him on this trip, just to see how I would travel away from home.  Since this was only an overnight trip, Dad figured it should be easy.  He was right.

On Friday afternoon we drove to a place called Big Pine, in California.  It's on highway 395 about 20 miles south of Bishop.   Big Pine isn't really a big place.  And I didn't see a big pine tree, so I don't know why they call it Big Pine.  We also went to Bishop, and I didn't see any bishops there.  Why do they call this Bishop?  But, at least it is a bigger town.

Saturday morning we checked out of the motel, and that in itself was fun.  Dad took me with him into the office to drop off the key, and there was a lady in there talking on the phone.  I could hear her, but couldn't see her, cause I'm short, and she was hidden behind the counter.  So, I did what I always do, I stood up on my hind legs and put my front paws on the edge of the counter so I could look over it.  The lady hung up the phone, told me I was a beautiful dog, and came around to say hello and pet me.  I like her.

Dad drove up on a long road, and up a hill into the White Mountains that border Nevada and California.  There was a real narrow canyon, and the road was steep and twisty.  The we turned off to go into the national park and the road got even more narrow and more twisty, and more steep.  We went clear up to about 10,000 feet.  We found the Bristlecone Pine ranger station, and Dad took me for a long walk.  It was already hot, and it's harder to breathe up here than down by the ocean where we live.  But these trees are really pretty.  Unusual, but very pretty.  There's a bunch of pictures below.  I'm only in one picture.

We stayed here for a couple of hours just to see the trees, then Dad decided to take me to Mammoth Mountain so I could see the lakes there.  I love the water, so I jumped right into Lake Mary.

After leaving Mammoth, Dad let me play in the stream for awhile before we headed home.